Summit Manager

A summit can be a quick way to build your list.

I offer a package that takes you from starting the summit to sending out your thank you email and survey.

This includes but is not limited to:

Opt-in Page, Opt-in video, Thank you page, Thank you video, Welcome email, Speaker pages with audio/ video,

Speaker emails, Closing email, Promotional email, Social media Set up, Google analytics, Affiliate links

Summits can be a time-consuming process but are definitely worth doing if your goal is to build your list. The process is easier if you work with someone who has completed summits in the past. Below are my most recently completed summits so if you are looking to grow your business at a rapid rate then I am happy to help!

Click here for my summit steps document. A package can be customized to your summit needs

Summit Manager Packages %2F Janelle Jones.jpg

Completed Summits