You Have A Story And It's Time To Tell It!

Being a mom is not an easy task.

Yes, it is rewarding but it's not easy.

There is a constant fight between the mom identity and your own identity.

No one has the same story that you have.

Plot lines are similar but the emotions are all yours.

There is someone out there who needs to hear your story. You have the potential to change a life by telling your truth. 


For your investment you will get:


  • One hard cover copy of the book entitled: Notes From Mothers to Children

This book will include

  1. A high resolution photograph of you
  2. Your book chapter (your story will be 1500 to 2000 words)


  • Brand Visibility
  • One 30 minute interview released in a summit format (potential to be visible to 100k people)
  • Later re-released on YouTube and Itunes.
  • One blog post with companion banner advertisement- 750 words minimum to 1500 words maximum specific to your area of expertise.

Cancellation Policy

Please take this commitment into deep consideration and only sign up if you feel that this is an amazing opportunity for your brand as your investment is non- refundable.

Topic: If you could tell your younger self anything what would it be? Tell her your story the good, bad and ugly.

First draft of your book chapter  is due 15 January 2018.

Final book chapter  + the items below are due on/before 15 February 2018

  1. Your book chapter:  Story 1,500 words minimum to 2,000 words maximum
  2. 100 word author bio
  3. 1 high resolution photograph of YOU  (photo release must be sent with photograph)
  4. 1 high resolution photographs of your offer (product, service, event, storefront. etc.)

Website Deliverables – Due on/before 15 March 2018

  • One blog post – 750 words minimum -1,500 words maximum specific to your area of expertise  (Please send an edited, content rich article.)
  • One high resolution portrait photograph of YOU  (photo release must be sent with photograph)
  • 100 word author bio
  • One full-color 250 x 250 banner advertisement showcasing your product/service/event.  No other sizes will be accepted. Your ad will be placed on

Please sit with the following questions and then write your story.

Please no profanity.

Your chapter should not be in interview format (question and answer).

Your submission should be an actual story.

1,500 words minimum to 2,000 words maximum (please edit before sending).